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Name:  Sophie Devereaux
Portrayed by:  Gina Bellman

Age:  44
Height:  5'6 1/2"
Hair:  dark brown/black
Eyes:  Brown
Occupation:  Former actress and con artist

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Sophie Devereaux is British actress and accomplished grifter with a taste for art theft. Sophie is oddly enough a talentless actress, appearing campy and over-the-top in her work on stage. But as a grifter who is one on one with people, she effortlessly plays the role needed to draw the team's target into the con. Particularly adept at the use of accents and multi-lingual, Sophie is seen to portray, among many others, a German athlete, a Southern horse broker, an Indian business executive, an American television producer and a reporter from New Zealand. She can speak six languages and fake twelve more.

Sophie also has a collection of aliases, including her identity with the team as Sophie Devereaux, but has never revealed her real name. She has a long history with Nate, dating back at least ten years to when he pursued her with IYS as an art thief. At some point, they recognized they are attracted to one another, but have never acted on it, leaving Sophie alternately frustrated, angry and disappointed. Nate's drinking is also a source of conflict between them throughout the first season.

After the team disbands in Los Angeles, Sophie is instrumental in reuniting them in Boston. Midway through Season 2, she has begun to question whether she's lost herself in the names she's used and the characters she's played, and has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, temporarily leaving the team with another well-practiced grifter, Tara Cole. In many episodes afterward she is seen via webcam giving advice to all of the other remaining characters at separate times, showing that she still plays a vital part of the team, before finally returning in the second season finale as a backup plan for their con.



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